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Making good choices for our community.

Dear Neighbors,

It’s an incredible honor to serve as your City Councilmember, and I'm excited to share that I'm running for re-election to Kirkland City Council Position #6! As a mom, I care deeply about shaping the future of our community to be a truly inclusive, sustainable, and connected place where everyone belongs and thrives.
I've been listening to what matters most to you and have successfully achieved many outcomes for our community, such as:
  • Enhanced Fire Safety & EMS: Opened new Fire Station 24, construction in progress on new Fire Station 27 and safety renovations on Fire Stations 21, 22, & 26
  • Small Business Support: Provided $2.6M in pandemic relief grants directly to Kirkland's small businesses
  • Parks: Opened Totem Lake Park and newly renovated Juanita Beach Park, David Brink Park, & 132nd Square Park, with a multi-use turf field and inclusive playground, and preserved additional greenspace through Big Finn Hill Park expansion & Denny Creek preservation
  • Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety: Completed Safer Routes to School Action Plans; Opened Totem Lake Connector Bridge along the Cross Kirkland Corridor segment of the Eastrail
  • Services for People in Need: Established a Community Responder Program to respond to those in a behavioral health crisis; Sited a behavioral health crisis center for neighbors in crisis to receive care; Invested in higher levels of support for those most in need through our human services grants
  • Affordable Housing: Hundreds of new affordable housing units built; Adopted gentle density housing policy; Created incentive program for housing providers to build additional affordable housing units; Developed city housing needs and built dashboard to track progress
  • Sustainability: Adopted Kirkland's first Sustainability Master Plan, and made significant progress on many of its goals
  • Community Safety: Implemented gun safety efforts (e.g., distributing free gun locks and hosting multiple gun buyback events); Invested in police worn body cameras and developed thoughtful policy on its use for transparency and accountability; Focused on proactive investigation of property crime
I’m committed to continuing the hard work to get things done for you. I will continue to listen to what's important to you, with a focus on:
  • Creating deeper community connection through efforts such as supporting our small businesses, fostering more gathering spaces, enhancing our neighborhoods through investments in sidewalks, bike lanes, and parks
  • Enhancing a sense of inclusion and belonging for everyone in our communities by prioritizing comprehensive community safety, adopting innovative approaches to increase affordable housing options, providing services that best meet your needs, and additional investments in diverse public art and events
  • Working for a sustainable future for us all through implementation of our Sustainability Master Plan
Our sense of community is one of the things that makes Kirkland such a special place to be. From our waterfront parks and our scenic downtown to our community centers and beautiful green space, all around our city I see the fingerprints of leaders past who shaped the community we enjoy today. Now it’s our turn to make good choices for future generations. 

I encourage you to please continue to engage with me on what matters most to you and your family. Together we will create a more connected, inclusive, and sustainable future for Kirkland.

Thank you for your support.
~ Amy

Select Endorsements for Amy.

Former Kirkland Mayors Support Amy

"It’s a joy watching Amy bring a fresh perspective to our city council. She’s smart, compassionate, and has proven effective at getting things done to make our community a better place for everyone. I enthusiastically endorse Amy Falcone for re-election to Kirkland City Council!"

- Joan McBride, former WA 48th Legislative District Representative & Former Kirkland Mayor

"Our family supports Amy Falcone for re-election to the Kirkland city council. Amy applies her deep ties with the community to decisions she makes as a Councilmember. She cares deeply about education, smart land use, safety and the inclusion of all members of our community in decision making. She will continue to represent us locally and in her regional work thoughtfully, and will take on the difficult issues with every one of us in mind."

- Amy Walen, WA 48th Legislative District Representative & Former Kirkland Mayor

Kirkland Small Business Owners Support Amy

"Our city is a beautiful tapestry of history, culture, and promise. Amy Falcone has worked tirelessly to ensure that as Kirkland grows, we don't lose sight of the values and characteristics that make our community special. Her focus on supporting small businesses and enhancing the ties that bind our neighborhoods together is a testament to her dedication to Kirkland."

- Michelle Tresemer, Kirkland Resident & Business Owner

"We heartily endorse the candidacy of Councilperson Amy Falcone in her bid for re-election to the Position 6 seat on the Kirkland City Council. We’ve had the pleasure of visiting with Amy several times over the past two years at both our business and at community events throughout Kirkland. We found Amy to be genuinely engaged in promoting a sense of vested interest in the Kirkland community in thought, word, and deed.

As business owners and citizens of Kirkland, we feel Amy has mastered the ‘Art’ of community. Amy’s willingness to visit with us about Kirkland’s desire to attract and support small business is something that is near and dear to our merchant hearts. The business paradigm has been challenging these past few years, and Amy ‘gets’ that..."

Steve Saint-Louis and Melody Warren Alesia, Downtown Kirkland Business Owners

“Amy Falcone has been a champion for Kirkland's small businesses. She has advocated for better access to our storefront during the peak business season and has made it easier for visitors to stop by using alternative transportation methods like biking, bussing, and walking. She has worked with the rest of the City Council to provide dedicated parking for quick take-out in downtown Kirkland, which helped us stay afloat in the pandemic. We endorse Amy for her ingenuitive solutions that support Kirkland's small businesses.”

- Amy & Will Riffle, Downtown Kirkland Business Owners

“I endorse Amy Falcone for re-election to the Kirkland City Council. I am a long-time resident of this city, member of the Kirkland Interfaith Network and the Kirkland Senior Council, and an advocate for social justice in our community. I am also a former business owner in Park Place, and I formerly served as President of the LWTech Foundation and Executive Director of Bridge Disability Ministries.  In all of these roles I see a connection with Amy and her passion to serve the people of Kirkland.

I see that Amy cares deeply about ensuring a good affordable education for everyone and more affordable housing for our middle and lower income employees. She understands the needs of our seniors, who built this city and want to age-in-place in their homes. And she’s working to build an inclusive, welcoming, and compassionate community that encourages and welcomes all. These are the values I see in Amy Falcone, and that is why I will vote for her."

- Jack Staudt, Kirkland Senior Council & Former Downtown Kirkland Business Owner

Community Leaders & Neighbors Support Amy

"I heartily endorse Amy for reelection to the City Council. She is an energetic advocate for Kirkland’s parks and tree canopy. And she's championed programs to ensure the city welcomes people of all backgrounds. We need her leadership to help Kirkland grow wisely, prosperously and inclusively."

- Scott Morris, Finn Hill Resident & Community Volunteer

"I’m incredibly thankful for phenomenal women leaders like Amy and appreciate the importance of her perspective as a leader and as a mom who is currently raising the next generation. Her brilliance, creativity, excellence, and persistence in successfully passing and implementing policy on issues impacting everyday families in our city is immeasurably valuable to us all. I’m thrilled that she’s running again and wholeheartedly endorse Amy Falcone for re-election to Kirkland City Council!"

- Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner, Kirkland Mom & Founder/CEO of MomsRising

"Councilmember Falcone is consistently thoughtful in her analysis of issues, and insightful in her questions and observations. She's a reliable champion of core human values - and she helps ensure that our city's priorities reflect the best in all of us. I'm so happy she's serving on City Council!"

Greg Gunther, Sustainability Ambassadors

“Amy Falcone has been a wonderful neighbor as well as community leader. Treasuring our city's inclusivity and beautiful forestry, Amy keeps our future in mind as she works for a more prosperous Kirkland. I am happy to endorse Amy Falcone for reelection to the Kirkland City Council to continue her valuable engagement and contributions to our community.”

- Jeremy Suzuki, Finn Hill Resident & Juanita HS Class of ‘24

"No matter what Kirkland event I attend, whether large or small, I find Amy Falcone there listening to residents voicing their concerns, desires for more change or less change to our city.  Amy listens and responds. That’s impressive in a society where there are constantly competing needs, wants and good to haves,  but I think she tries to help as many residents as possible which is why I, as a senior member of the Kirkland community, endorse Amy for reelection to City Council."

- Susan Harris-Huether, Kirkland Senior Council

"I’m proud to support the re-election of Amy Falcone for Kirkland City Council! I’ve volunteered with her on the Thoreau PTA board and have seen her step up when we needed to fill positions of leadership. I can rely on her to get things done and lead gently but firmly."

- Joelle Rudenick Brown, Kirkland Resident & Mom

 Please note that any affiliations listed next to names above are for identification purposes only and are not intended to suggest an endorsement by the organization(s). 

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