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People Supporting Amy.

Thank you to the following people and organizations for endorsing Amy's 2023 Kirkland City Council re-election campaign! Please note that any affiliations listed next to names below are for identification purposes only and are not intended to suggest an endorsement by the organization(s). 

Elected Officials and Community Leaders Supporting Amy
  • Derek Stanford, WA 1st Legislative District State Senator
  • Davina Duerr, WA 1st Legislative District State Representative, former Bothell Deputy Mayor
  • Shelley Kloba, WA 1st Legislative District State Representative, former Kirkland Councilmember
  • Manka Dhingra, WA 45th Legislative District State Senator
  • Roger Goodman, WA 45th Legislative District State Representative
  • Larry Springer, WA 45th Legislative District State Representative, former Kirkland Mayor
  • Patty Kuderer, WA 48th Legislative District State Senator
  • Vandana Slatter, WA 48th Legislative District State Representative, former Bellevue Councilmember
  • Amy Walen, WA 48th Legislative District State Representative, former Kirkland Mayor
  • Claudia Balducci, King County Councilmember, former Bellevue Mayor
  • Rod Dembowski, King County Councilmember
  • Sarah Perry, King County Councilmember
  • James Jeyaraj, Auburn Deputy Mayor
  • Lynne Robinson, Bellevue Mayor
  • Jeremy Barksdale, Bellevue Councilmember
  • Janice Zahn, Bellevue Councilmember
  • Mason Thompson, Bothell Mayor
  • Rami Al-Kabra, Bothell Deputy Mayor
  • Jenne Alderks, Bothell Councilmember
  • Amanda Dodd, Bothell Councilmember
  • David Edwards, EvergreenHealth Public Hospital District Commissioner, Woodinville Planning Commissioner
  • Barbara de Michele, Issaquah Councilmember
  • Angela Kugler, Kenmore Councilmember
  • Corina Pfeil, Kenmore Councilmember
  • Kelli Curtis, Kirkland Councilmember
  • Paul Charbonneau, New Castle Councilmember
  • Sam Cho, Port of Seattle Commission President
  • Angela Birney, Redmond Mayor
  • Jessica Forsythe, Redmond Council President
  • Vanessa Kritzer, Redmond Council Vice-President
  • Melissa Stuart, Redmond Councilmember
  • Pam Stuart, Sammamish Councilmember
  • Chris Roberts, Shoreline Councilmember
  • Eric Laliberte, Lake Washington School District Board Member
  • Mark Stuart, Lake Washington School District Board Member
  • Ross Hunter, former WA 48th Legislative District Representative
  • Matt Larson, former Snoqualmie Mayor
  • Joan McBride, former WA 48th Legislative District Representative, former Kirkland Mayor
  • Tom Neir, former Kirkland Councilmember, Kirkland Parks & Community Foundation founding member 
  • Robert Pantley, former Kirkland Councilmember
  • Marc Ackerman, Seattle Pride Parade Director
  • Axton Burton, Pride Across the Bridge Executive Director
  • MJ Carlson, Indivisible Kirkland, former Kirkland Human Services Commissioner
  • Gildas Cheung, Kirkland Human Services Commission Chair
  • Faith DeBolt, Kirkland Transportation Commission Chair, Kirkland Greenways Board Member
  • Kurt Dresner, Liveable Kirkland
  • Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner, MomsRising Executive Director/CEO & Co-Founder
  • Sally Fouche, Indivisible Eastside
  • Sarah Franklin, Indivisible Eastside
  • Greg Gunther, Sustainability Ambassadors
  • Lauren Hall-Stigerts, Kirkland Salary Commissioner
  • Jory Hamilton, Kirkland Human Services Commissioner 
  • Aaron Jacobson, Liveable Kirkland
  • Jennie Jaeger, Liveable Kirkland
  • Heather Kelley, Indivisible Eastside
  • Jaime Lusardo, Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance Board Member
  • Mo Malakoutian, Bellevue Planning Commissioner
  • Beverly Marcus, Liveable Kirkland
  • Scott Morris, Finn Hill Resident & Community Volunteer
  • Angie Nuevacamina, Redmond Planning Commissioner
  • Sally Otten, Kirkland Parks & Community Foundation founding member 
  • Angela Rozmyn, Kirkland Planning Commission Chair
  • Susan Pappalardo, Co-founder & Board President, Splash Forward 
  • Kimberly Scott, former Kirkland Human Services Commission Chair
  • Jack Staudt, Kirkland Senior Council & Former Downtown Kirkland Business Owner
  • Jonathan Stutz, Kirkland Human Services Commissioner
  • Michelle Tresemer, Kirkland Resident & Business Owner
  • Adam White, Kirkland Parks & Community Foundation Board Member, former Kirkland Park Board Member, former Kirkland Human Services Commissioner 

Community Members Supporting Amy

  • Pooja Bhargava
  • Swapnil Bhargava
  • Meredith Bogguess
  • Amanda Bredlow
  • John Brooks
  • Joelle Rudenick Brown
  • Eric Dalquist
  • Gretchen Dalquist
  • Eric DeBolt
  • Kristen Dorwin
  • Brian Fioca
  • Casey Garrow
  • Chris Gedye
  • Dylan Hall
  • Erika Kapur
  • Steph Klein
  • Kim Kurtz
  • Kirstin Larson
  • Pearl Leung
  • Emily McCalib
  • Noah McGinnis
  • Margaret Meister
  • Yasin Merchant
  • Katie Miller
  • Karina O’Malley
  • Tara Parker
  • Kraig Peck
  • Sarah Jane Putz
  • Tasnim Rehamani
  • Rex Rempel
  • Kristen Riess
  • Osman Salahuddin
  • Lori Steiner
  • Brittan Stockert
  • Jeremy Suzuki
  • Joachim Veith
  • Mark Vossler
  • Susan Vossler
  • Jeff Watilo
  • Kristina Watilo
  • Lindsay Welker
  • Agnes Wu
  • Lindsey Yocum

Why Folks are Supporting Amy.

"Our city is a beautiful tapestry of history, culture, and promise. Amy Falcone has worked tirelessly to ensure that as Kirkland grows, we don't lose sight of the values and characteristics that make our community special. Her focus on supporting small businesses and enhancing the ties that bind our neighborhoods together is a testament to her dedication to Kirkland."

- Michelle Tresemer, Kirkland Resident & Business Owner

“I endorse Amy Falcone for re-election to the Kirkland City Council. I am a long-time resident of this city, member of the Kirkland Interfaith Network and the Kirkland Senior Council, and an advocate for social justice in our community. I am also a former business owner in Park Place, and I formerly served as President of the LWTech Foundation and Executive Director of Bridge Disability Ministries.  In all of these roles I see a connection with Amy and her passion to serve the people of Kirkland.

I see that Amy cares deeply about ensuring a good affordable education for everyone and more affordable housing for our middle and lower income employees. She understands the needs of our seniors, who built this city and want to age-in-place in their homes. And she’s working to build an inclusive, welcoming, and compassionate community that encourages and welcomes all. These are the values I see in Amy Falcone, and that is why I will vote for her."

- Jack Staudt, Kirkland Senior Council & Former Downtown Kirkland Business Owner

"Amy Falcone has been a wonderful neighbor as well as community leader. Treasuring our city's inclusivity and beautiful forestry, Amy keeps our future in mind as she works for a more prosperous Kirkland. I am happy to endorse Amy Falcone for reelection to the Kirkland City Council to continue her valuable engagement and contributions to our community.”

- Jeremy Suzuki, Finn Hill Resident & Juanita HS Class of ‘24

“Amy Falcone has been a champion for Kirkland's small businesses. She has advocated for better access to our storefront during the peak business season and has made it easier for visitors to stop by using alternative transportation methods like biking, bussing, and walking. She has worked with the rest of the City Council to provide dedicated parking for quick take-out in downtown Kirkland, which helped us stay afloat in the pandemic. We endorse Amy for her ingenuitive solutions that support Kirkland's small businesses.”

- Amy & Will Riffle, Downtown Kirkland Business Owners

"I’m incredibly thankful for phenomenal women leaders like Amy and appreciate the importance of her perspective as a leader and as a mom who is currently raising the next generation. Her brilliance, creativity, excellence, and persistence in successfully passing and implementing policy on issues impacting everyday families in our city is immeasurably valuable to us all. I’m thrilled that she’s running again and wholeheartedly endorse Amy Falcone for re-election to Kirkland City Council!"

- Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner, Kirkland Mom & Founder/CEO of MomsRising

"I am beyond excited to support Amy Falcone for reelection to the Kirkland City Council. Amy has been a tireless advocate for families and disadvantaged groups, and has worked unbelievably hard on making our city a better place for everyone. She is devoted to public safety improvements, affordable housing, and justice and equity for all residents. I can't wait for the chance to vote for her in November."

- Emily McCalib, Kirkland Resident & Mom

"MLK Labor is proud to support Councilmember Falcone for re-election to Kirkland City Council because she has shown the commitment and expertise to fight for the issues that working people face in Kirkland and across East King County."

- MLK Labor

"Amy Falcone does a great job on the Kirkland City Council, and I’m proud to support her. The city is super well run, with the infrastructure (parks, streets, cleanup) taken good care of. The city’s focus on and support of basic human services is critical to me, and Amy delivers."

- Ross Hunter, former WA 48th Legislative District Representative

"The Washington High School Democrats are proud to give Amy Falcone a wholehearted endorsement for her re-election campaign for Kirkland City Council. Amy’s unwavering commitment to equity and sustainability, compassion and empathy, and deep connection to the city of Kirkland make her a truly exceptional candidate."

- Washington State High School Democrats

"Amy’s leadership in Kirkland has paved the way for progress across the region. She’s a collaborative leader on issues such as preserving green space and enhancing tree canopy, community safety, affordable and attainable housing, and active transportation to encourage folks to safely walk, bike, and roll. Her service to Kirkland and the region makes our community a better place now and for generations to come. I'm proud to endorse Amy Falcone for re-election to Kirkland City Council!"

- Rod Dembowski, King County Council

"It’s a joy watching Amy bring a fresh perspective to our city council. She’s smart, compassionate, and has proven effective at getting things done to make our community a better place for everyone. I enthusiastically endorse Amy Falcone for re-election to Kirkland City Council!"

- Joan McBride, former WA 48th Legislative District Representative & former Kirkland Mayor

"I whole heartedly endorse Amy Falcone for re-election to the Kirkland City Council. She is a very knowledgeable, diligent, and compassionate individual who wants to improve the quality of life and work in Kirkland, as well as expand and improve the service provided by the city.

As an example, I was having an issue with a relatively simple building permit that seemed to be taking an inordinate amount of time to be issued. When I reached out to Amy, she was extremely responsive and helpful in connecting me with the right staff to resolve the issue. Amy’s intervention was a great help to me.

This is just one example of the kind of superior service Amy is providing as a member of the council, so I’d love to see her be able to continue her work on our community’s behalf for another term."

- John Brooks, Kirkland Resident

"The Washington Housing Alliance Action Fund is proud to endorse Councilmember Amy Falcone for re-election. In her time in office, she has been a strong leader on affordable housing, homelessness and tenant protections. To end homelessness in our region and in our state, we need more leaders like Amy."

- Michele Thomas, Director of Policy and Advocacy, Washington Housing Alliance Action Fund

"Amy and I met about 3 years ago. We are founding members of the Equity and Inclusion Cabinet for SCA. We became fast friends as our vision is the same to bring equity and inclusion to the whole region. Amy continues to be a valuable leader for the City of Kirkland and the region. The City of Kirkland needs her continued vision and leadership for the future. Please vote for Amy!"

- James Jeyaraj, Auburn Deputy Mayor 

"Amy is a leader with empathy, compassion, knowledge, articulation, dedication, and passion to bring forth realistic and sustainable solutions for the most complex matters in Kirkland and King County.

I first met Amy when she came to volunteer for one of many Community Donation Drives that I have facilitated in Kirkland during and after the pandemic. Amy did not show up alone, instead she engaged elected officials from neighboring cities. Amy understands the value and importance of and embraces collaborative efforts to serve communities of near and far. 

Amy welcomes and encourages our growing and culturally diverse population to have a voice in our city and supports new ideas for the betterment of future generations and people in the community. I am proud to endorse Amy and firmly believe her continued leadership, commitment, and untiring efforts to Kirkland will be exemplary. "

- Tasnim Rehamani, Kirkland Community Leader

"I heartily endorse Amy for reelection to the City Council. She is an energetic advocate for Kirkland’s parks and tree canopy. And she's championed programs to ensure the city welcomes people of all backgrounds. We need her leadership to help Kirkland grow wisely, prosperously and inclusively."

- Scott Morris, Finn Hill Resident & Community Volunteer

"Our community is better for Amy’s leadership on Kirkland City Council. During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, we worked together to organize a drive in movie night that supported local businesses while bringing the community together safely. She is a champion of affordable housing, women and families, and the LGBTQ community. It is clear from just one conversation that she truly cares about the future of our city. I am looking forward to her serving another term on city council where she works tirelessly for the community we all know and love."

- Angela Rozmyn, Kirkland Planning Commission Chair

"I wholeheartedly endorse the re-election of Amy Falcone for Kirkland City Council. Amy embodies the qualities we need in a true leader — one who leads with her head and heart, advocates for inclusivity and belonging, and makes thoughtful and smart decisions with the best interests of Kirkland's residents and its future in mind.

From being the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic to leading on issues like affordable housing, multi-modal transportation, women's equality, and belonging for all residents, Amy's ability to analyze complex situations, think critically, and consider diverse perspectives enables her to arrive at sound conclusions that benefit the community she serves as well as the region at large. I proudly endorse Amy Falcone for re-election to the Kirkland City Council."

- Angela Kugler, Kenmore City Councilmember

"Amy is exactly the type of elected leader we need in these challenging times: thoughtful, collaborative and courageous. She works hard on doing what’s right for the people she represents in Kirkland while understanding that working together with other cities is indispensable to our success. With her collaborative approach and strong values of listening and inclusiveness, it’s no wonder that Amy has been selected to lead the cities’ caucus to our regional Affordable Housing Committee. In that and other positions, she is already making a huge difference to keep our communities livable and accessible to working families and future generations. I’m proud and honored to endorse her campaign for re-election."

Claudia Balducci, King Council Councilmember & former Bellevue Mayor

"Councilmember Falcone is consistently thoughtful in her analysis of issues, and insightful in her questions and observations. She's a reliable champion of core human values - and she helps ensure that our city's priorities reflect the best in all of us. I'm so happy she's serving on City Council!"

Greg Gunther, Sustainability Ambassadors

"Councilmember Falcone is a smart and compassionate leader who listens and responds to the diverse needs of community voices. Her growing list of accomplishments proves that she is effective and innovative in her approach to making Kirkland a better place to be. I happily endorse Amy Falcone's campaign for re-election to Kirkland City Council!"

- Vandana Slatter, WA 48th Legislative District Representative & former Bellevue Councilmember

“Amy’s leadership as a councilmember and former Human Services Commissioner has made our community stronger. I’ve seen firsthand how she listens, collaborates, and works to make progress for our city. I’m thrilled that she’s running for re-election.”

Gildas Cheung, Kirkland Human Services Commission Chair

"I'm excited to endorse Amy Falcone as someone who is a dedicated community leader focused on transparency, community connection and elevating diversity."

-Axton Burton, Pride Across the Bridge Executive Director

Amy's exceptional leadership has been instrumental in improving the quality of life for residents of our community. She has worked tirelessly to ensure that our schools and neighborhoods remain safe, vibrant, and welcoming. She has been involved in initiatives aimed at enhancing the safety and livability of our neighborhoods, from advocating for traffic safety measures to promoting environmental sustainability. Her unwavering commitment, hard work, and passion have earned her the respect and admiration of her colleagues and community members alike. Amy Falcone is a true community leader who embodies the spirit of service and dedication. I wholeheartedly endorse her.”

- Jaime Lusardo, Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance Board Member

"Amy is brave and passionate when it comes to caring for Kirkland and all those who live and work here. She clearly sees the areas for improvement Kirkland has, but also sees and celebrates the wonderful parts of our community, too. Amy puts equity and inclusion first, which is not always easy or comfortable. Under her leadership, everyone, regardless of age, race, ability, or gender, feels heard, included, and welcome in Kirkland."

- Sarah Franklin, Indivisible Kirkland

"Amy has a huge heart. I have seen through her actions over the many years I've known her how much she cares about all people in Kirkland. She is a patient listener and isn't afraid to stand up for those with less of a voice in our local government. She understands the many challenges Kirkland currently faces and will continue to face in the future and the need to address them now, like affordable housing and climate change. We are blessed as a community to have Amy's service and I support her re-election."

- Faith DeBolt, Kirkland Transportation Commission Chair & Kirkland Greenways Board Member

"I have been very impressed with Amy's thoughtfulness and commitment to equity and inclusion during her time on the Kirkland City Council. I trust Amy to always consider the interests and concerns of Kirkland's least-heard, most-challenged residents. I am excited to have her continue representing ALL Kirklanders for another term."

- Karina O'Malley, Kirkland Resident & LWUMC Safe Parking Coordinator

"Amy won me over with her authenticity, care for the community, graciousness, and work ethic. I look forward to seeing the positive impact and lives she touches while continuing her journey as a public servant."

- Jory Hamilton, Kirkland Human Services Commissioner

"Amy is incredibly hardworking, accessible, and smart — exactly the kind of leader we need to guide us through the growth and change that Kirkland is experiencing!"

- Beverly Marcus, Liveable Kirkland

"Amy is a tireless champion of social justice and inclusion in Kirkland and the Eastside. She has effectively pushed the city to make real, systemic changes to center those who are furthest from justice. It has been my privilege to work with her on issues including racial justice, alternatives to policing for folks in mental health crisis, and support for neurodivergent kids in our community. Both as an activist and as a disabled and neurodivergent Kirklander, I truly appreciate her persistent advocacy for our rights, respect and self-determination."

- MJ Carlson, Indivisible Kirkland & Former Kirkland Human Services Commissioner

"It's not common for me to publicly endorse candidates, however Amy Falcone is the exception because she is EXCEPTIONAL in her current role on our Kirkland City Council. I know Amy personally from our time serving together as co-Chairs on the Kirkland Human Services Commission plus working to solve Kirkland's opportunities and challenges over the past 6 years. Her values and mine are consistent, focusing on equity and inclusion, prioritizing the health and wellness of children and youth, protecting our parks and greenways, and financial accountability in the public sector. If you live in Kirkland, I highly recommend supporting and re-electing Amy Falcone."

- Jonathan Stutz, Kirkland Human Services Commissioner

"We’re supporting Amy Falcone for Kirkland City Council because she has exhibited the leadership, empathy, commitment, and vision that the city will benefit from for decades to come. We’re at a crossroads as our city grows, and I see Amy as my proxy in local government, sharing my values and thinking about a vibrant future for all of our young children. I appreciate that she has given so much of her time and energy to the people of Kirkland over her first term—she has more than earned my vote this November."

Lauren Hall-Stigerts, Kirkland Salary Commissioner

"Amy is a strong leader who thinks creatively and is a champion for those who aren’t in the room. I am grateful for her service to our community. I am all in for Amy Falcone's re-election!"

- Susan Pappalardo, Co-founder & Board President, Splash Forward 

"Amy is a great councilmember. Her service to our community shows her intelligence and kindness. She's consistently the first to call for support for those in need and marginalized people. She not only works incredibly hard on behalf of our city, she does so cheerfully and with integrity. She's honestly trying to find solutions for our problems, including issues such as affordable housing, mental health care for everyone, and creating a truly welcoming community. I’m happy to endorse Amy for re-election to Kirkland City Council."

- Rex Rempel, Professor and Director of Behavioral & Social Services at Lake Washington Institute of Technology

"I’m proud to support the re-election of Amy Falcone for Kirkland City Council! I’ve volunteered with her on the Thoreau PTA board and have seen her step up when we needed to fill positions of leadership. I can rely on her to get things done and lead gently but firmly."

- Joelle Rudenick Brown, Kirkland Resident & Mom


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